Welcome to Media Multiples

Circa 2009…, Dawn of the year saw the birth of Media Multiples. The purpose was a single line statement…. Value multiplication!! both for the advertiser and the television broadcaster for the advertising airtime inventory! Then multiplied the opportunities by penetrating deeper into the television industry.. having helped multiply the value for the broadcasters as well as the advertisers, embarked on the Customised Content on the television!

And entered the Digital arena by becoming Google Premier SME Partner for advertising!

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Content Multiples

Our penchant for multiplying the value of the television media assets has gone further!!!

We forayed into the newer and specialized arena of Customised Content!

In line with the advertisers marketing objectives and to connect the brand with the millions of hearts and minds of the audience, which of course, is in sync with the aim of the broadcasters too, we weave story that deliver’s the brand message, subtly but firmly…

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Digital Multiples - Premier SME Partner for Google

Taking a natural cue from the reasonably rich experience in audio visual (read Television) platforms we are one of the very few Google SME Partner for creating advertising opportunities on Google/YouTube!

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